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Katrin Edelmann

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At the Age of 5, Katrin started ballet along with floor and apparatus gymnastics. Later, she switched to ballroom dancing and achieved the silver dance badge. Later, through friends, she took up cross-country skiing and trained to a high performance level winning many medals and certificates.


She began dancing Scottish Country Dance in 2015, an in 2017 started teaching it. She took part in many workshops in Europe to continue her education. In the Spring of 2019, she was invited by friends in the Northern Italy branch ( to attend teacher training classes. She willingly took up this offer.


In February 2020 she optained the RSCDS Preliminary Teacher Certificate and then the Full Teaching Certificate in November 2022.

Katrin Edelmann

Katrin and Jim - February 2020 in Vicenza/Italy


Unit 5 candidates, Volunteers, Tudor Jim and Musician Kathleen, and Examiners Patrick and Sue.

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